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The Brewhouse

Northern Wolf Fermentation Technologies Inc. has designed a custom-built brewhouse featuring the latest in brewing technology.

Our brew kettle is designed to minimize boiling times by stripping the wort of unwanted volatile compounds in a faster way than conventional boiling equipment. These minimal boiling times lead to minimal scorching of the wort which in turn results in a beer of the highest quality.

Our state of the art brewhouse allows us to produce almost any style of beer imaginable with excellent quality and consistency. Many of our brewhouse's features will be tested in the very near future with limited edition barrel aged beers.

Our Beer

Midian Lagered Ale 8% ABV 56 IBU- .This highly drinkable yet complex brew has many subtle layers of flavour and is produced using a fine combination of German floor- malted bohemian pilsner malt, a touch of wheat malt, and very low fermentation temperatures.

The noticeable hoppy citrus notes are provided by Northern Brewer and Cascade hops. Heavily hopped with an appropriate malty balance, this brew is surprisingly light to the palate.

Foam structure and lacing ("glass cling") are excellent, helping to enhance aroma development when poured in the appropriate glassware. A final layer of taste and aroma is added by priming the bottle with fresh krausen, a truly European technique.

Midian Special Dark 6% ABV 35 IBU- This unique dark ale has a refreshing and highly drinkable taste profile exhibiting noble hop taste and aroma over a well-balanced Canadian 2-row malt body.

A German husk-less specialty dark malt contributes subtle flavour and aroma notes from chocolate, coffee, and vanilla for those with a sensitive enough palate. Its creamy smooth flavour and high drinkability can be attributed to advanced all-natural hopping techniques employed during its manufacture which result in extra short wort boiling times. This provides Midian Special Dark with a superior fresh taste due to minimized scorching of the wort.

The Science Behind Our Beer

Brewing great beer requires the perfect balance between using the very best of ingredients and using the very best of processes.

Midian Brewing Company uses only top quality malt, hops, and yeast obtained from recognized microbrewery industry suppliers. The water quality in Windsor-Essex County is second to none in the world. Our beers are designed from the water up, with attention to every quality detail specific for the style.

Our brewery has been custom designed by Northern Wolf Fermentation Technologies Inc. and is based on peer reviewed brewing science publications from the last five years. The brewery has features to minimize wort boiling times at reduced temperatures. The wort is mildly heated for reduced time periods, leading to smoother beer due to minimized scorching.

Social and Environment Responsability

Midian Brewing Company is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. All of our processes have been developed to reduce our environmental footprint. Water and energy usage have been minimized to conserve resources. We use Ontario raw materials wherever possible and plan on establishing local Essex County suppliers as we further develop our business relationships in this region.

Quality Control

Midian Brewing Company recognizes that consistently producing great beer requires a rigorous quality control program. This is the reason we have invested nearly as much on laboratory equipment as in the actual brewery: to be able to have complete control of the whole brewing process. Water, malt, hops, yeast, wort and beer are continually monitored throughout production for quality using a variety of laboratory methods. The result is a beer of unmatched and consistent drinkability.

Management Team

Northern Wolf Fermentation Technologies Inc. is a comprehensive science and engineering company specializing in technologically advanced fermentation processes. Our expertise spans the fields of chemistry, physics, biochemistry, process water, site selection and chemical engineering.